CDC: New Norovirus Making Flu Season Seem Worse

Does it seem like the flu season is hitting really hard this year?  A lot of it isn't flu at all, but outbreaks of a virus that has arrived in the U.S. after a trip around the globe.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig explains:

Audio clip:

A new strain of norovirus is causing hundreds of outbreaks in the U.S.  Norovirus is commonly called the stomach flu, though it's not really the flu at all and is actually the #1 cause of food poisoning.

(Dr. Vinje) "Norovirus causes more food-borne infections than all Salmonella, e-coli together."

Dr. Jan Vinje with the Centers for Disease Control says that's because it takes just a few particles to make someone sick and they're harder to kill.  In fact, the CDC says hand sanitizer alone will not cut it.

(Dr. Vinje) "Washing with soap and water, that's what we recommend.  As an add-on, then sanitizer can be used."

Dr. Vinje says some sanitizers can work, but they're hit-or-miss.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.