NRA Responds To President’s Inaugural Address

    The National Rifle Association accuses President Barack Obama of indirectly attacking gun owners in his inaugural address.

    FOX News Radio's Steve Knight reports:

    Audio clip:

    NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre:

    (LaPierre) "I've got news for the President."

    ...speaking to a hunting and wildlife conservation group in Reno:

    (LaPierre) "He doesn't understand you."

    He's is angry about President Obama saying that Americans "shouldn't mistake absolutism for principle" in political debate.

    He says the phrase suggests that the President wants to reduce gun rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, which the NRA can't accept:

    (La Pierre) "We are not people to be trivialized, marginalized or demonized as unreasonable."

    The NRA has vowed to defeat the President's proposed gun controls in Congress.

    Steve Knight, FOX News Radio.