NJ Men Sue Subway Over 11″ Footlongs

    Subway's signature sandwich deal, after making headlines over the past couple of weeks, could soon cost the company some big money.

    FOX News Radio's Lilian Woo has details:

    Audio clip:

    Two New Jersey men possibly looking to make some bread over a Subway sandwich controversy.

    (Subway Commercial) "Everyone loves Subway $5 footlongs..."

    ...Suing the fast-food chain over the sandwiches, which they say often fall short of 12".  Their attorney also claiming that not one of the sandwiches he's measured at 17 area shops had been that precise length.

    The issue getting a lot of attention last week when a man posted a photo of the sub next to a ruler on the company's Facebook page.  At that time, Subway had responded that the length of the sandwiches can vary slightly when franchises don't bake to exact corporate standards.

    Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio.

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    EDITOR'S NOTE: The attorney for the men filing suit says he's seeking class-action status and will be filing a similar suit in Pennsylvania.  The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages for his clients and a change in Subway's practices.