Frigid Temperatures Stretch Across Northern U.S.

    A large portion of the northern part of the country is bundled up today as there are frigid temps and dangerous wind chills from the Dakotas to Maine.

    FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports from a very chilly Chicago:

    Audio clip:

    Here in Chicago, where just a few minutes in the bitter air can make uncovered areas of your body go numb...

    (Chicago Resident) "It's freezin' out here. It's nippy."

    The high will only be in the single digits today. The wind chill makes it feel even colder and this Chicagoan recommends...

    (Chicago Resident) "Don't come out of the house. Stay inside."

    Portions of North Dakota and Minnesota registered 40-below wind chills overnight. Several schools are closed across Michigan and Minnesota today.

    Kyle Knudson with Concordia Creative Learning Academy in St. Paul says...

    (Knudson) "It's a tough decision. There's no tangible product laying on the ground like snow so you just have to, you know, we use websites a lot to try to make sure our decisions are well informed."

    The arctic air which stretches to Vermont is expected to remain in place for the next few days.

    In Chicago, Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.