Britain’s Prince Harry Speaks Out On Afghanistan

    Britain's Prince Harry has returned from a tour in Afghanistan and is speaking out on on his time there as well as being back home in the public eye.

    FOX News Radio's Simon Owen reports from London:

    Audio clip:

    Prince Harry returning from a five-month tour of duty in Afghanistan with the British Army, and confirming as a helicopter gunner, he fired on Taliban fighters.

    (Prince Harry) "We fire when we have to. Take a life to save a life."

    Harry is reluctantly returning to life in the public eye. He's still furious after photos of him partying naked in Vegas made the papers shortly before he left.

    (Price Harry) "It was letting off steam. It's all understandable now: 'You're going off to Afghanistan'. Well the papers knew that I was going out to Afghan anyway. So the way I was treated by them I don't think was acceptable."

    Closer to home, Harry says he's thrilled about the prospect of becoming an uncle with brother William and wife Kate expecting this summer. But...

    (Prince Harry) "I just only hope that she gets the necessary protection to allow her to enjoy the privacy that that comes with."

    In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.