Alzheimer’s Implants Being Trialed

Scientists are testing an aggressive new method to try to stop the damage of Alzheimer's Disease.

FOX News Radio's Sal Giangrasso has details:

Audio clip:

Scientists are testing so-called "brain pacemakers" to stop the creeping memory loss of Alzheimer's Disease.  The first U.S. experiments with these implants are getting underway, but it's very involved: Surgeons must drill holes into a patient's skull, then they implant tiny wires that shoot out mild jolts of electricity.  By constantly zapping certain brain circuits, scientists hope to bypass some of Alzheimer's damage and keep neural networks active.

But there's a big caution - the research is in its infancy.  Only a few dozen are getting the implants, and they'll be closely watched for years.

Sal Giangrasso, FOX News Radio.