WI Couple Dies of Flu, House Gets Robbed

    As a family tries to pick up the pieces after a flu tragedy, burglars looking to cash in make an already-difficult time even harder.

    FOX News Radio's Steve Knight reports:

    Audio clip:

    Eldore and Malinda Mielke were both 90 years old.  They both died from the flu within a day of each other.

    (Anderson) "We had two funerals to plan instead of one.  And the next day, my sister called and said, 'Sue, you're not gonna believe what happened.  They robbed the house.'"

    Sue Anderson says burglars took cash, even her parents' wills.  Sheriff's deputy Gordon Kowaleski says they don't have suspects yet.

    (Kowaleski) "Hard to take by itself, and then you add in that somebody actually targeted them to commit a crime.  Really, I can't think of any words to use."

    But he says investigators have solid clues in DNA samples and tire tracks.

    Steve Knight, FOX News Radio.