Guns Bringing Down U.S. Life Expectancy?

    The discussion of gun control has wound up in a report on public health. Some research suggesting gun violence may be linked with life expectancy in the U.S.

    FOX News Radio's Ron Flatter reports:

    Audio clip:

    American men live an average of 75.5 years, women nearly 81.

    That's according to the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine, which say those are among the lowest life expectancies of the 17 major industrial nations surveyed.

    One reason they say? Gun violence, which the study says accounts for six violent deaths per 100,000 Americans.

    The National Rifle Association has long held that owning guns does not have implications on public health. In fact, the report said there is little evidence that violent acts in general happen more frequently in the U.S.

    Ron Flatter, FOX News Radio.