UT Town Recommends Guns In All Homes

    The small town of Spring City, Utah, thinks it has a solution to crime gun violence.

    FOX News Radio's Steve Knight reports:

    Audio clip:

    Only about 1,000 people live in Spring City. Despite its size, people worry about crime. An elderly couple was killed on New Year's Eve a year ago. Thefts are becoming more common.

    So, City Councilman Neil Sorensen proposed a law requiring that the head of every household have a gun and know how to use it.

    The rest of the City Council wouldn't go that far. But, they unanimously agreed to recommend a gun in every home.

    The City Council also agreed to pay for concealed firearms training for teachers and administrators at the elementary school. State law allows teachers to carry concealed weapons in classrooms in Utah.

    Steve Knight, FOX News Radio.