Biden’s Gun Policy Task Force Forging Ahead

    Vice President Biden's task force on gun violence heard from gun control groups and victims Wednesdy, working to draft the Obama Administration's gun policy proposal, which President Obama has hinted could include Executive action.

    FOX News Radio's Mike Majchrowitz reports from the White House:

    Audio clip:

    The VP assured gun control groups and victims this process would lead to more than just a photo opportunity.

    (Biden) "We are not going to get caught up in the notion that unless we can do everything we're going to do nothing. It's critically important we act."

    Arkansas House Republican Tom Cotton is doubtful ideas like banning large ammo clips and assault weapons will make a difference.

    (Cotton) "There's no evidence that those bans nor the assault weapons ban at the federal level from 1994 to 2004 had any measurable effect on crime."

    The VP meets with gun ownership groups including the NRA tomorrow.

    At the White House, Mike Majchrowitz, FOX News Radio.