MO Man Accused of Murder, Throwing Arms

    A Missouri man is in jail, accused of a twisted murder than involved setting multiple apartments on fire and throwing body parts at witnesses.

    FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports:

    Audio clip:

    It started with a report of a vehicle fire, but responding officers found a murder scene - the victim also dismembered - and the arriving officers say they saw the suspect throw the victim's arms at bystanders.  The rest of the body found in one of two apartments that were on fire in Kirksville, Missouri, some 200 miles northwest of St. Louis.

    Forty-nine-year-old suspect Paul Potter, arrested at the scene Sunday, is now charged with multiple counts including murder and arson.  He's held on $1 million bond.  

    No word on the victim's identity or a motive.

    Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.