As more people testify at a preliminary hearing for the Colorado movie theater massacre suspect, his attorneys are working to lay the ground work for a possible insanity defense.  On Tuesday, 911 calls were played in the courtroom - including the first calls to the police, some with upwards of 30 shots ringing out in the background.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal has details:

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A supervisor with ATF testified that James Holmes purchased more than 6,200 rounds of ammunition.  Holmes' attorney asked the agent if it's illegal for someone to buy ammunition, as well as tear gas and ballistic gear.  The attorney also asked if there was a procedure to screen for the severely mentally ill and keep them from purchasing these items; The agent said no.

Earlier a bomb tech described the elaborate booby traps Holmes had set up inside his apartment, which Holmes told police was designed to draw resources away from the movie theater and kill even more people.  Inside James Holmes' apartment was a trip wire that lead to a thermos of glycerin over a frying pan filled with chemicals, rigged to blow.  His computer was set to play loud music so police would respond and set off the booby traps.  The carpet was covered in a chemical that catches fire and creates smoke.  There were jars filled with chemicals like Napalm.  He also put a remote control car outside near a dumpster - if someone played with it, that could also set off his rigged apartment.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.

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