Obama to Nominate Hagel As Defense Secretary

    President Obama is ready to pick a Republican to join his cabinet, but some other Republicans in Congress don't like his choice. The President is expected to nominate former Senator Chuck Hagel as his next defense secretary today.

    FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports from Washington:

    Audio clip:

    Former Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel is already facing tough words from fellow Republicans like South Carolina's Lindsey Graham.

    (Graham) "This is an in your face nomination by the President to all of us who are supportive of Israel."

    Hagel has in the past criticized what he calls the Jewish lobby for intimidating lawmakers.

    (Heitkamp)  "He hasn't had a chance to speak for himself, so why all the pre-judging? I don't know."

    The defense from North Dakota Democrat Heidi Heitkamp appearing with Graham on CNN.

    We also expect President Obama to name long-time counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan to head the CIA.

    In Washington, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.