VIRAL VIDEOS: Week of January 4th

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Here's what's going viral now on Facebook.

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"Who's on First: The Sequel."

Jimmy Fallon, Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld team up to re-create the 1930's Abbott and Costello "Who's on first?" routine.  Shot in black and white, the comedians perform the classic bit about confusing names while wearing vintage baseball uniforms.

Then, there's this:

"Charlie the Unicorn 4."

It's the latest sequel to the animated "Charlie the Unicorn" viral video saga.  This installment finds poor Charlie being sent to the moon by his mean-spirited unicorn buddies to battle a giant singing bug.

And, Facebook users are hitting the "like" button on:

"Top Ten Reasons Why We Know the Earth is Round."

In case there are any lingering questions about the Earth's shape, the folks at MinutePhysics put together this quick lesson proving through cute cartoons and easy experiments that the Earth... is in fact, round.

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