This Weekend On The @FoxBusiness Show: New Taxes, The Markets & Gas Prices — What’s In Store For 2013?

How will the fiscal cliff deal affect the economy? Economist Peter Morici weighs in. Then, why does the stock market jump up when Congress takes drastic action? Tom talks with veteran NYSE trader Ted Weisberg. And, the city attorney of cash-strapped San Bernardino CA says citizens should “lock their doors and load their guns”. Tom asks him what he meant by that controversial comment. Then, former Shell Oil CEO reacts to the current low gas prices, and Ambassador John Bolton makes his predictions for Iraq, Iran, Syria and more. Plus, the panel tackles the next three “fiscal cliffs”, the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton’s health scare, and some of the new year’s wackiest city ordinances. All that and Tom hears from you with Comment Roulette!