Housecall for Health: Your Memory as You Age

If you needed it, there is more medical proof that our mental abilities slow down as we get older.

FOX News Radio's Hank Weinbloom reports in today's "Housecall for Health":

Audio clip:

Are you getting more forgetful?  You're not alone.  A new study found people in their 50's who are shown an object in a photo are slower to name the object compared to younger people.  The good news is eventually, folks in their 50's do come up with the name.

However, the study in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society says people in their 60's and 70's are slower to get the name and, more often, get it wrong.  The researchers say they don't know why it happens.

Housecall for Health, I'm Hank Weinbloom, FOX News Radio.