It’s a Fukushima fightback.  Eight U.S. Navy sailors who helped survivors of Japan’s tsunami are now suing the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant for millions of dollars for lying about the radiation risk.

FOX News Radio’s Alastair Wanklyn reports from Tokyo:

The sailors were from the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, who helped in relief work after the tsunami here last year.  At that time, three reactors at the Fukushima plant were melting down, but a complaint filed in the U.S. Federal court in San Diego alleges Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Japanese government conspired to withhold the truth about the radiation released.

The eight sailors are each seeking $40 million plus future medical costs.  A spokesman for the plant’s operator, here in Tokyo, acknowledging the cases exists but says the company has to examine the document.

In Tokyo, Alastair Wanklyn, FOX News Radio.