If you are reading this right now, it's safe to say the world hasn't ended.  Even though today is the day that some people think it's supposed to.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso, reports on the Mayan Apocalypse:

Some interpretations of the Mayan calendar which ends on December 21st, 2012 predicts an apocalypse. People around the world have been preparing. Building shelters, stocking up on food and running for the hills.

But, not everyone is a believer:

"Honestly, I really don't think it's gonna happen. It's just all the hype. Just like the Y2K." // "Daylight saving was added on by Caesar, so it should have ended on the 9th, and it didn't."

But, just in case the Mayan prophecy does come true.

"There's no preparing, you just got to take it." // "I guess all the best if the world does end."

And from all of us at FOX News Radio, it's been a pleasure to have you listening.

Take care!

Jeff Monosso, FOX News Radio.

FOX News Radio's Simon Owen reports on one French village that is being touted as 'apocalypse safe':

The French Village of Bugarach is home to a mountain, which some people think could save their lives. That's because according to one rumor, aliens live underneath the peak. And just before the Mayan apocalypse hits today, they'll take off in their spaceship. And you never know, they could have room for a few humans on board.

Bugarach spectator: "Come to meet some crazy people and maybe see some UFO's if we're lucky." // "Yeah, Yeah, that would be nice."

But the village; population 198, has no interest in crowds. Police have shut off surrounding roads. The Mayor of Bugarach asking visitors to stay away. Perhaps he just wants the spaceships all to himself.

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.