Google has released its year-end Zeitgeist report of the top trending searches. So what did we look up most this year?

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports the top trending internet searches of 2012:

(Houston) "I Will Always Love You"

Whitney Houston's death in February makes her the top trending search of the year, according to Google's annual Zeitgeist List.

Number two:

(PSY) "Gangnam Style"

The Korean rapper PSY. His "Gangnam Style" video has been watched more than a billion times on YouTube.

The third biggest search trend:

(Sandy Victim) "One minute, everything was fine, the next minute I had four feet of water in the house."

Superstorm Sandy.

Followed by the new iPad, the video game "Diablo 3", Kate Middleton and the London Olympics.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

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WATCH Whitney Houston's video for "I Will Always Love You":