Republican congressional leaders are promising to work through the holidays until a deal with the fiscal cliff has been reached, but is Boehner cutting a bad deal? Brian thinks so! Plus: the Right to Work? More like the right to punch! Brian looks into how this new bill is only turning into violence.


After a brief discussion about animals and an offer to talk to Brian about his problems, Dr. Keith Ablow, renowned psychiatrist, gave his insight on the Right to Work Bill that was passed in Michigan and why so many individuals are getting violent. Ablow said he is not surprised it is getting violent: “When people are used to enjoying benefits and exclusivities that maybe should be questioned, they are loathed to give it up.” Ablow said that the bottom line is, “If the union has value, you’ll have members. It will win every time.”

Brian talked to Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris, the founder of Helping a Hero, Meredith Iler, and Extreme Home Makeover’s Paige Hemmis about the hit ABC show and Harris’ life.  Harris explained that while he was in Iraq in 2007, he was struck by a massive IED and incurred burns on over 40% of his body. Hemmis also talked to Brian about what it has been like being a part of Extreme Home Makeover and what she is going to do now that the show is no longer taping.

Watch the interview with Paige, Shilo and Meredith here

Co-authors of ‘Godwink Stories’ Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt talked to Brian about their book series.  Rushnell explained that a Godwink occurs when you “step out in faith,” and can be described as “One of those things that you might have called a coincidence… but it probably came from above.” Later, Louise did some of her celebrity impressions for Brian, and talked about her marriage to Squire.

Watch the interview with Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt here


Arthur Herman, a historian and author of Freedom’s Forge, talked to Brian about what our defense would look like if we are gutted.  “We are looking at a situation where probably for the first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we will no longer be the lone superpower,” said Herman. He went onto say that China is going to have a bigger military budget than we do sometime in the 2020s, and will be a big challenge for us.

Listen to the interview with Arthur Herman here


Cade Courtley, former Navy SEAL and preeminent American survivalist, talked to Brian about how defense budget cuts would affect the military and about his new book SEAL Survival Guide: A Navy SEAL’s Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster.  “Everybody loves the fact that we killed Bin Laden.  If we still want to have that capability, we still have to pay for it,” said Courtley.

Listen to the interview with Cade Courtley here

Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum stopped by to round out the hour with Brian, and talked about the newest Christmas craze “Elf on the Shelf,” which Bill couldn’t seem to understand.  The trio also talked about all the latest news, including fiscal cliff negotiations, potential defense budget cuts, Syria, and more.