One of the stars of cable TV's most popular shows is suing the network it's on, claiming that the reality show isn't so real.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig reports:

"Storage Wars" star - or ex-star - Dave Hester...

("Storage Wars") "Yuuup!" // "I got you at 12, taking the bid 13." // "Yuuup!" suing A&E and show producer Original Productions, alleging that the show is a sham, with valuable items being planted in storage lockers, and that he was fired for complaining about the practice.

("Storage Wars" Theme) "Money owns this town..."

Hester says a mini-BMW and newspapers announcing Elvis's death were put into units that otherwise contained trash.  The complaint also alleges Hester was fired after his contract was picked up for a fourth season at $25,000 an episode.

A&E says they do not comment on pending litigation.

Chris Hoenig, ("Yuuup! Sold!") FOX News Radio.