“Storage Wars” Star Sues, Claims Finds are Faked

One of the stars of cable TV's most popular shows is suing the network it's on, claiming that the reality show isn't so real.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig reports:

Audio clip:

"Storage Wars" star - or ex-star - Dave Hester...

("Storage Wars") "Yuuup!" // "I got you at 12, taking the bid 13." // "Yuuup!"

...is suing A&E and show producer Original Productions, alleging that the show is a sham, with valuable items being planted in storage lockers, and that he was fired for complaining about the practice.

("Storage Wars" Theme) "Money owns this town..."

Hester says a mini-BMW and newspapers announcing Elvis's death were put into units that otherwise contained trash.  The complaint also alleges Hester was fired after his contract was picked up for a fourth season at $25,000 an episode.

A&E says they do not comment on pending litigation.

Chris Hoenig, ("Yuuup! Sold!") FOX News Radio.