UPDATE: Michigan Legislature has given final approval to right-to-work plan, limiting unions. It will now be sent to Republican Governor Rick Snyder for his expected signature.

Twenty-three states ban unions from forcing people to pay dues to have a job. Protesters in Michigan taking to the streets because they do not want their state to become the 24th.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports from the State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan:

Thousands of protesters are here at the Michigan Capitol as lawmakers fine tune some right-to-work bills which Governor Rick Snyder says he'll sign.

(Snyder) "I actually don't view this as anti-union because it really gives the unions an opportunity to better present their value case and if people see value they should join."

James Shaw with the Electrical Workers Union tells FOX News Radio...

(Shaw) "I'd tell him that this needs to stop, that he's doing something wrong and he's looking at his own agenda and he's not looking out for the people of Michigan."

Governor Snyder expects the bills to cross his desk later this week.

In Lansing, Michigan, Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper shows the right-to-work protests from the steps of the Capitol Building in Lansing, Michigan:

WATCH for more on the right-to-work in Michigan:

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