President Obama hit the road again on Monday, getting a campaign-style reception from autoworkers in Michigan, as Washington tries to steer clear of the fiscal cliff.

FOX News Radio’s Steve Taylor has the latest from Washington:

With negotiations continuing and the end-of-the-year deadline approaching, President Obama did not criticize the Republicans, but he kept on the pressure.

(President Obama) “All Congress needs to do is to pass a law that would prevent a tax hike on the first $250,000 of everybody’s income.”

The President says he’s willing to compromise a little bit, but not on his demand that Americans making more than $250,000 pay higher taxes on those top dollars of income. ┬áHouse Speaker John Boehner’s office says that the Republican position remains: Comprehensive tax reform, but not higher taxes for the wealthy.

In Washington, Steve Taylor, FOX News Radio.

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