An Oregon woman survives a terrifying encounter with a pair of bad boys in a church parking lot.

FOX News Radio's Steve Rappoport reports from:

(Garrett) "I didn't think I was going to come out alive, and then I saw the cops."

Amy Garrett was sitting in her car outside a Portland church when two boys, ages eleven and seven, approached, but they didn't come to play.

Authorities saying the boys attempted to carjack Garrett. When she refused, the eleven-year-old allegedly pulled out a loaded gun, demanding cash and Garrett's cell phone while threatening to shoot her. That's when she decided to floor it.

(Garrett) "I was afraid that when I drove that he was gonna like, shoot my tire, shoot my window or something."

Cops quickly caught the young suspects, releasing them to their parents.

Steve Rappoport, FOX News Radio.