With the end of the year comes to "Top 10 this" and "Top 50 that" lists.  One annual tradition: the Top 10 standout quotes of the year.

FOX News Radio's Kerin McCue has the winner:

Thank goodness for politics!  The Presidential campaign of 2012 gave us some of the most memorable quotes of the year.  While he came in first with the most votes on Election Day, President Obama only managed to come in third with this one:

(President Obama) "If you've got a business, you didn't build that.  Somebody else made that happen."

The annual list is the work of the Yale University Library in New Haven, Connecticut.  Mitt Romney holds down the top two spots, with these words making it to #1:

(Romney) "There are 47% of the people who will vote for the President no matter what."

Nine of the top 10 quotes came from the lips of politicians, but this one didn't even come from an American:

(Psy - "Gangnam Style")

It came from the South Korean rapper, Psy, and is also the most watched YouTube video of all time.

Kerin McCue, FOX News Radio.