As 2012 nears a close, a list of the "top-whatever" things of the year are starting to trickle out.  Merriam-Webster is a part of that list, with their annual designation of the "Words of the Year," based on definition searches.

FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh has this year's winners:

"Capitalism" and "socialism" are as opposite as it gets, but they are the most looked up words of 2012.  Executives with Merriam-Webster Dictionary say, thanks to the election, the two words were the most popular of the year, with voters researching the exact meaning of each word.

It's the first time since 2003 that there are two Words of the Year, instead of one.  "Democracy," "globalization," "marriage" and "bigot" - all with connections to politics - made the top 10.  Last year's Word of the Year was "austerity."  Before that, it was "pragmatic."

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio.