Photo courtesy: Brooks Blanton

Santa's ditched the sleigh and gotten a lift with Blue Angels, delivering tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts from Toys for Tots to a New Jersey town hard-hit by Superstorm Sandy.

FOX's Jonathan Serrie reports from Keansburg, New Jersey:

Photo courtesy: Brooks Blanton

Pilot AJ Harrell says this type of humanitarian effort is in keeping with the Blue Angels mission of showcasing the capabilities of the Navy and Marines.

(Capt. Harrell) "We get to go all over the world and do a lot of missions to help people out.  It's very, very special to come to our backyard, you know, our neighborhoods and do that same thing for these folks.  So, bringing some toys to kids, it just can't get much better than that."

The United Way of Monmouth County says the outside donations are especially appreciated this year, since local efforts have focused on the emergency response.

In Keansburg, New Jersey, Jonathan Serrie, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the delivery of toys from the Blue Angels, with photos courtesy of FOX News Producer Brooks Blanton: