Large auto shows give car companies a chance to unveil their latest and greatest advances, and the L.A. Auto Show was no different, with a focus on concept police cars.

FOX's Adam Housley reports from the L.A. Auto Show:

FOX on Tech.

Here at the L.A. Auto Show, all the talk is of high-tech police cars.  There were six different companies that came out with concepts that you might see on the roadways, being used by police officers around the country.

Everybody from Honda Asia to Honda America, GM, Mercedes Benz.  Subaru came out with a pretty good little concept, one that everybody here felt was fantastic.  Also, BMW had one.

A lot of them have drones that either fly above cars or they also have drones that even go out on the ground, and allows them to potentially shut down cars - so there would never be any car chases again.  And every single one of the vehicles is supplied, is powered by some sort of new power type, like a fuel cell, for example.

In Los Angeles, Adam Housley, FOX News.