Boehner: Fiscal Cliff Talks Going “Nowhere” [VIDEO]

There's not much time left to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff," and lawmakers seem to be encountering roadblocks on the path away from it.

FOX News Radio's Joy Piazza reports:

Audio clip:

With about a month left, House Speaker John Boehner says:

(Boehner) "Right now, I would say we're nowhere...period.  We're nowhere."

Boehner on "FOX News Sunday," saying he strongly opposes the budget plan proposed by the White House last week.

(Boehner) "I was just flabbergasted.  I looked at them and said, 'You can't be serious.'"

But Democrats says Republicans are being unreasonable and vague about how to generate tax revenue.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says the way to prevent the "fiscal cliff" lies in the hands of the GOP.

(Geithner) "Standing in the way of that would be a refusal by Republicans to accept that rates are going to have to go up on the wealthiest Americans."

Geithner on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Joy Piazza, FOX News Radio.

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