Most Popular Baby Names of 2012

    The most popular 100 baby names and biggest trends in naming have been announced.

    FOX News Radio's Bill Vitka reports:

    Audio clip:

    The crown for the world's most popular baby names, is tried and true: Number One is Aiden for boys and Sophia for girls. But 'Mad Men', 'Fifty Shades of Grey', and even inspiration from high tech are moving up the list.

    Baby Center released its yearly global list of top baby names and its the new trends getting attention. Including the name Anastasia,  inspired by 'Fifty Shades of Grey', rising 10%. The biggest gainer in the Top 100 is the name Betty thanks to Betty Draper's character on 'Mad Men'. The name Apple is up 15% for girls, Mac is up 12%, and Siri, also making the girls list.

    Bill Vitka, FOX News Radio.

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