Employers Keep Upper Hand in Legalized Pot Fight

    Marijuana smokers in Washington state and Colorado have been celebrating since Election Night votes in their states legalized recreational pot use, but the buzz may soon wear off.

    FOX's Dan Springer reports from Seattle:

    Audio clip:

    Legal experts say workers who fail drug tests can still be fired, even if the pot was smoked days earlier and there was no impairment on the job.  Courts have ruled employers still have the right to have a drug-free workplace and marijuana is still illegal under Federal law.  Unions, however, say they'll fight for their members who get fired, arguing marijuana should be treated like alcohol, and only when job performance is affected should the worker be open to discipline.

    Employers worry about the new law making it harder to hire workers and the expensive legal bills when they enforce their drug policies.

    In Seattle, Dan Springer, FOX News Radio.