Protests In Egypt Over Morsi’s Power Grab [VIDEO]

There's still anger in Egypt over what the new President decreed last week. Protesters are taking to the streets over President Morsi's grab for power.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither reports from Jerusalem:

Audio clip:

Egypt's President says he doesn't have to answer to anyone. You could say he's above the law. But Mohammed Morsi is answering questions from members of the Supreme Judiciary Council. They want to discuss the package of decrees he announced that gave himself sweeping powers. Egypt's Justice Minister says a resolution to the move that's brought Egyptian's out on to the streets again is close. But protesters in Cairo's famous Tahrir Square are refusing to end their sit in. The opposition says they'll press on with street protests until Morsi reverses the move.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.

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