TX Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for DWI

    A drunk driver has been taken off the streets for good in Texas, sentenced to life in prison after a simple traffic stop.

    FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony has the story:

    Audio clip:

    When Cornelio Garcia-Mata was arrested for drunk driving back in February, a cop asked him:

    (Cop) "How much alcohol you been drinking today?"

    And the answer was a lot.

    (McCrary) "His blood alcohol was a .446."

    That's the equivalent of a case of beer.  But it wasn't Garcia-Mata's first offense, or second...or even fifth.  It was conviction number eight, so a jury in Comal County, Texas sentenced the 45-year-old to life in prison.

    (McCrary) "It was a good verdict for the community that that's somebody that we won't have to worry about killing somebody."

    ...Chief Felony Prosecutor Sammy McCrary.  Garcia-Mata had several failed chances at rehab.

    Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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