Killed Dolphins Found Along Gulf Coast

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    The bodies of several dolphins have been found mutilated and killed along the Gulf Coast.

    FOX News Radio's Bill Vitka reports:

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     Someone is killing dolphins in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Killing them and maiming them.

    (Solangi) "We responded to one dolphin from Alabama that had its tail cut off. Dolphin on Ship Island  with its lower jaw cut off. And in the last week we had one dolphin with a bullet hole in it."

    Dr. Moby Solangi is with Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport. Someone or some group may be on a rampage.

    In Alabama, someone stabbed and killed a dolphin with a screwdriver. No one knows who is doing it, but killing dolphins is a federal offense punishable by up to $100,000 and a year behind bars.

    Bill Vitka, FOX News Radio.