A “Normal” Day in Israel [VIDEO]

With daily rocket attacks between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, daily life is taking on a new "normal" for now.

FOX's Leland Vittert has some of the new "normal" along the Israel-Gaza border:

Audio clip:


In the United States, you have snow days from school; Here in Israel, rocket days.  And a rocket that came through the concrete roof of a major school here, a high school in Ashkelon, embedded itself down in the ground.  And a bench where students would normally sit, it's now peppered with shrapnel.

(Air Raid Sirens) 

Okay, we've got the sirens going.  We've got the sirens going.  We're gonna keep going.  This area was hit once before.  We're gonna keep moving, keep coming this way.  We're getting inside.  This is where Israeli students would be hiding if, of course, they had been in school - today was a rocket day.  We just heard the explosions overhead, and that was really close.

These are the ultimate in citizen soldiers, many of these are engineers or accountants who have now been called up.  They're using every spare minute they can before the "go" order is given to practice through these fields - maneuvers, how to clear houses inside Gaza, how they'll move through the streets.  Of course, for many of these soldiers, the waiting is the very worst part.  For the young guys, they're gung-ho, they want to go in.  For the older soldiers, they know that some of the men they're with now in these camps won't come home alive.

On the Israel-Gaza border, Leland Vittert, FOX News.

WATCH the full report from FOX's Leland Vittert along the Israel-Gaza border: