Israel, Hamas Exchange Fire Again [VIDEO]

One of Israel's goals in attacking Gaza is to cripple a new and far more dangerous weapons system that has made its way into the hands of Hamas.

FOX News Radio's Steve Knight reports:

Audio clip:

Until a few years ago, Hamas rockets only had a range of about a mile and they were far from accurate.  But then, a new military commander started having missiles smuggled in piece-by-piece from Iran and Sudan.  They were far more accurate, with a range of 45 miles.  That commander was killed in an Israeli attack last week.

The New York Times reports that later raids probably destroyed most of Hamas's stockpile of those weapons.  Israel also targeted the underground launch sites.  But Hamas has hundreds more missiles, and even though they have a shorter range, they are for more deadly than what Hamas had just a few years ago.

Steve Knight, FOX News Radio.

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