Star Wars, Slinky Going to Toy Hall of Fame

    Classic action figures, old games and classic toys of old are being forever enshrined as being among the greatest of all time.

    FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports on the newest additions to the National Toy Hall of Fame:

    Audio clip:

    Star Wars is being enshrined.

    (Star Wars) "I have you now."

    Actually, the National Toy Hall of Fame has YOU.

    (Star Wars) "I'm not going anywhere."

    Yes, you are - a museum NOT far, far away.

    (Star Wars) "I don't even know what I'm doing here."

    You're going to Rochester, New York, as action figures.

    (Star Wars) "Hello, I think."

    Honored for being played with by kids since the 1970's.

    (Star Wars) (Chewbacca/wookie sounds)

    Joining Play-Doh and Slinky...

    (Star Wars) (R2D2 sounds)

    and 46 other classic toys.

    (Star Wars) "More to add, do you?"

    Yes, dominoes are also in the Class of 2012, but other nominated toys didn't make it, like Little Green Army Men.

    (Star Wars) "These aren't the droids you're looking for."

    Lite Brite, the Pogo stick and Simon also failed to get in the Hall of Fame, and the outlook not-so-good for the Magic 8 Ball.

    Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.