Securing America: American Added to Terror Most Wanted

A 28-year-old, charged in Alabama with multiple counts of providing material support to terrorists, is the fifth American added to the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady has more in our ongoing series on national security:

Audio clip:

Mixed in with an assortment of accused bombers, hijackers and terror group plotters and ringleaders is a man born in Alabama, who, as a college student in the days after 9/11, talked of promoting peace.

(Hammami) "Islam is a diverse religion, that's...kind of has a lot of misconception surrounding it."

But in the years following that interview with FOX TV affiliate WALA, the FBI says Omar Shafik Hammami traveled to Somalia and joined the al-Qaeda-linked terror group al-Shabaab.  He's fluent in English and Arabic, which heightens counterterrorism concerns because it broadens the reach of things like his internet vow of revenge after Usama bin Laden was killed.

The four other Americans on the list include al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn, who's charged with treason.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.