Israel, Hamas Exchange Rocket Fire [VIDEO]

The violence between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza continues to escalate, with Egyptian officials set to get involved.

FOX's Leland Vittert reports from near the Israel-Gaza border:

Audio clip:

Overhead, you hear the unmistakable sound of Israeli F-16s flying sortie after sortie into the Gaza Strip, blowing up weapons and ammunition depots there, and then returning to base to refuel, rearm and take off once again.  Also, we've seen tanks and armored personnel carriers coming towards the Gaza Strip.

Whether or not this continues on for weeks, or merely another couple of days is really going to be up to Hamas, and then also up to the Egyptians, who are sending their Prime Minister into Gaza to try and bring some sort of calm to this before it spirals into a full war.

WATCH as Hamas fires rockets into Israel: