Crime Spike Seen Post-Sandy


    In areas hit hard by Superstorm Sandy, burglaries have shot up. According to the NYPD, crime spiked in the Rockaways and Staten Island after Sandy devastated both areas.

    FOX News Radio's Courtney Kealy reports from New York:

    Audio clip:

    New York Police Department statistics show nine burglaries were reported at the 122nd Precinct in Staten Island compared to one last year and 33 were reported in Precinct 101 in Far Rockaway compared to none the year before.

    Police are patrolling Staten Island's Midland Beach and have put a watchtower in neighboring Great Kills.

    (Resident) "Before they put these lights up, it was, it was just outright scary, people coming out of the, out of nowhere."

    One local resident grateful for the watchtower.

    Police say other homes that were abandoned have also been looted.

    In New York, Courtney Kealy, FOX News Radio.