Can Congress Avoid the Fiscal Cliff? [VIDEO]

President Obama will meet with Congressional leaders later this week to find ways to avoid the fiscal cliff of tax hikes and spending reductions that are currently looming.

FOX News Radio's Sal Giangrasso reports on proposed solutions that again fall along party lines:

Audio clip:

With the fiscal cliff looming, can lawmakers come together?  Washington Democrat Patty Murray is on the Senate Budget Committee:

(Sen. Murray) "I would be delighted to look at a plan that puts that revenue on the table in a way that is fair and balanced."

Murray spoke on ABC's "This Week."  Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee says there's a key path to resolution.

(Sen. Corker) "I've said from day one, the key to solving this is Medicare reform.  If we can agree to Medicare reform, I think the other pieces will fall into place."

Corker appearing on "FOX News Sunday."

Sal Giangrasso, FOX News Radio.

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