Toddler Bled To Death In Zoo Attack, Examiner Says

    More has been learned about the death of a two-year-old boy who fell into a wild dogs exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

    FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

    Audio clip:

    The two-year-old did not die from his fall into the African Wild Dogs exhibit Sunday morning. He was mauled. The medical examiner's office says the boy bled to death.

    Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium President Barbara Baker says:

    (Baker) "The keepers tried everything they could do. They responded immediately."

    That includes trying to:

    (Baker) "Scare the dogs away from the young child with darts."

    That didn't work and one of the dogs:

    (Baker) "The police shot."

    The boy fell after his mother had put him up on a wooden railing to see the dogs better. No charges have been filed so far.

    Mourners have put items like teddy bears outside the zoo that reopened Tuesday.

    Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.