NY Probing Price Gouging Post-Sandy

    Are some businesses taking advantage of Superstorm Sandy's victims? New York is now probing price gouging.

    FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports from New York:

    Audio clip:

    It's against the law to suddenly charge a lot more for essentials like food, water, or batteries or gasoline. But New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating hundreds of complaints about that since Sandy hit, most related to this crisis in New York and New Jersey:

    (Driver) "Have any gas?"

    A lot of stations ran out or had no power to pump gas, causing long lines:

    (Driver) "I've waited upwards of two hours some days. And it's rough 'cause I have to fill my trucks every day."

    There are also complaints about hotels raising rates. A business can defend higher prices if they show an increased cost to provide goods or services.

    In New York, Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.