AEHQ: Final Push Before Election Day [VIDEO]

Election day is tomorrow and both President Obama and Mitt Romney are making their case for the White House right up to the very end.

FOX News Radio's Mike Majchrowitz, Jeff Monosso, Jessica Rosenthal and Eben Brown this election update:

Audio clip:

I'm FOX News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz in Virginia.

(Obama) "I hope you still got some fight left in you!"

Today should be the last day of campaigning in the political life of President Barack Obama. The places he's visiting on this last day show where he sees the battle being won or lost: Madison, Wisconsin, Columbus, Ohio and finally Des Moines, Iowa. After that last campaign stop the President flies to Chicago, where he will watch the returns on Election Night.

I'm Jeff Monosso. And a busy Mitt Romney logged thousands of miles between toss-up states over the weekend, telling a big crowd in Iowa, tomorrow's vote comes down to this.

(Romney) "You want four more years like the last four years or do you want real change? "

Today Romney stumps in Florida, Virginia, and Ohio, making his final pitch for the White House in Manchester, New Hampshire tonight.

I'm Jessica Rosenthal in Hamilton County, Ohio, a key swing county in this key swing state. The county usually goes Republican, but four years ago it helped make candidate Obama, President. It's prompted both candidates to visit the state dozens of times this year.

(Voter)  "The joke you hear going around is the candidates aren't running for President of the United States they're running for President of Ohio. That's just too much pressure."

Polls give a slight edge to the President, but typically within the margin of error.

It is Florida that is the prime prize for either candidate...

(Jewitt)  "Because it has the largest number of electoral votes. And in fact it gained two more, for a total of 29, after this latest census."

Says politics Professor Aubrey Jewitt at the University of Central Florida. With other swing states in play, Florida could put one candidate over the top.

In Miami, Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.

WATCH for more on the battleground state, Florida: