Superstorm Sandy Causes Devastation & Desperation [VIDEO]

In the hard hit borough of Staten Island, New York many people are desperate for help and basic supplies.

FOX News Radio's Courtney Kealy saw Sandy's impact first-hand and files this report:

Audio clip:

National Guardsman have started delivering drinking water and ready to eat meals on foot to devastated residents. People here upset, saying it's taking too long to get even the most meager supplies.

Resident: "I don't think they know what's going on down here. You know, I think everyone, I think what's saving us is each other. We're helping each other get through it."

Many people's houses are decimated and cleanup has just begun.

In Staten Island, New York, Courtney Kealy, FOX News Radio.

Watch VIDEO of Sandy's impact on Staten Island HERE:

Superstorm Sandy also wreaked havoc in the form of snow. Some parts of West Virginia got buried under more than 2 feet of it.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

Audio clip:

Sandy hit West Virginia as a blizzard. Dumping two feet of snow or more:

Volunteer: "We have a lot of broken branches and tree issues."

He is among the volunteers bringing aid from the Kentucky Baptist Convention:

Volunteer: "If they need help and we can provide it, we'll give it to them."

In some mountainous areas of the state, there's fear people are still cut off. So blackhawk helicopters are being used to search for anyone trapped. Parts of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee also got buried. In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, rangers are trying to find a hiker who called 9-1-1 from his cell phone stranded amid snow drifts four to five feet high.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

Watch VIDEO of Sandy's impact on West Virginia HERE:

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