AEHQ: Biden, Ryan Duel in VP Debate [VIDEO]

Vice President Joe Biden and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican candidate for Vice President, met Thursday night at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky in their only debate before next month's election.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern and Jennifer Keiper report:

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From America's Election Headquarters I'm Jared Halpern at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

(Biden) "With all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey."

Vice President Joe Biden sparring with Republican running mate Paul Ryan in the season's only vice presidential debate.

(Ryan) "It's been done before. It's precisely what we're proposing." (Biden) "It has never been done before." (Ryan) "It's been done a couple times actually." (Biden) "It's never been done before." (Ryan) "Jack Kennedy lowered tax rates, increased growth. Ronald Reagan..." (Biden) "Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy."

Biden also wasting little time to highlight the 47% remark made by Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser. An attack not employed by the President last week.

Paul Ryan attacks the Obama administration on its handling of the murder of an Ambassador in Libya and the War in Afghanistan...

(Ryan) "What we are watching on our TV screens is the unraveling of the Obama foreign policy, which is making the world more chaotic and us less safe."

GOP nominee Ryan and incumbent VP Joe Biden also clashed over taxes and the economy.

In Danville, Kentucky, Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

Among the foreign issues debated by the candidates were how to handle Iran and nuclear weapons, what to do about the country's defense budget and last month's terrorist attack in Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

LISTEN to the candidates discuss the terrorist attack in Libya:

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Moving to domestic issues, Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan first discussed the nation's economy.

LISTEN to the candidates debate on the economy:

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The Republican ticket has campaigned on a plan to reform Medicare, changes that have been rebuffed by the White House.  Entitlement programs took the spotlight for several minutes during Thursday's debate.

LISTEN to Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security:

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With Congress set to take up tax cuts after the elections, the candidates were asked simply: Who will see their taxes rise under their plan?  Who will see their taxes go down?

LISTEN to the candidates answers:

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