Major Marijuana Farm Found By Chicago Cops


    A big find by police in Chicago: marijuana, and lots of it.

    FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports from Chicago:

    Audio clip:

    Two football fields worth of marijuana has been growing on Chicago's South Side. At least 1,000 plants, several feet high.

    Cook County tactical officer Ed Grainy was on a flight training mission yesterday, when he just happened to look down...

    (Grainy) "A lot of times we can't tell if it's weeds at first or it's an actual marijuana plant growth. So, we took video and still pictures and took it back to our base and analyzed it and then we decided it was worth enough to call it into narcotics."

    Chicago police have the big field cordoned off and say it could take days to knock down the stuff.

    In Chicago, Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.