Photo courtesy: NASA

Some encouraging news from Mars rover in the search for water and life on the Red Planet.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig reports:

Photo courtesy: NASA

Mars was once home to a fast-flowing stream, somewhere between ankle and hip-deep.  That's the determination of NASA scientists, after the Curiosity rover stopped to check out an ancient stream bed.

(Dr. Grotzinger) "It just looked like somebody came along the surface of Mars with a jackhammer and lifted up a sidewalk...that you might see in downtown L.A., in sort of a construction site."

But project scientist Dr. John Grotzinger says the discovery is no accident.

(Dr. Grotzinger) "One of the reasons that we were interested in coming to this landing site was because it presented, from orbit, quite a strong case that we would find evidence for water on the ground."

The team plans to test the make up of the soil in the area to learn more.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.