Smile and say cheese!  Better yet, don't.  New Jersey is telling drivers to stop smiling when they get their pictures taken for their drivers license.

FOX News Radio's Steve Knight reports:

(Louis Armstrong - "When You're Smiling") "Oh, when you smilin'..."

Louis Armstrong knew a thing or two about the power of a smile.

(Louis Armstrong - "When You're Smiling") "The whole world smiles with you..."

But that doesn't include the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

(Martinez) "We want a neutral smile...or a, you know, a neutral look, or a small smile."

Raymond Martinez says that big smile can cause big problems with the agency's new facial recognition software.  There's nothing drivers can do, except grin and bear it.

(NJ Driver) "I would've rather a smile, it probably would've made me look better."

Steve Knight, FOX News Radio

WATCH more on NJ's drivers license pictures:

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