What are Americans thinking when it comes to voting for the next President of the United States?

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown hit the campaign trail in Sarasota, Florida and caught up with an undecided voter:

This woman from Sarasota is who all the politicians want to court. She's undecided.

Undecided Voter: "I doubt I'm one of the few."

She's not a fan of President Obama's economy:

Undecided Voter: "I worry about entitlement, after entitlement, after entitlement. I worry about some of the women's issues with Romney."

But she thinks Romney needs to temper some rhetoric, like that 47% comment:

Undecided Voter: "I think he stated it a little too strongly. I think that it was a pretty broad statement. Life's not that simple."

She hopes the debates will help her pick one.

In Sarasota, Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.

FOX's Mike Tobin breaks down the issues of importance for Ohio's undecided voters in this report:

The question is, what do they want? Well this is a rust belt state, so manufacturing jobs are going to be very important to those people. However, the emphasis placed by the Obama campaign on the auto bailout is falling flat, because the jobs never materialized. In fact, Ohio lost jobs. It's interesting to see a lot of emphasis placed on foreign policy, particularly by the Romney campaign; saying that the Obama administration was not firm enough with China in terms of currency manipulation and copying products. Because of that, the campaign insists that jobs from Ohio were ultimately sacrificed to China.

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